The Best Clubs To See Famous DJs

America’s club scene has come along away, from the times of Dacenta to the birth of after-hours-parties to the modern age of the music DJ cash kings like Calvin Harris and Afro Jack. Forbes estimates that the top 10 clubs in the USA have an estimated annual revenue of $550 million.

Some of the top notch DJ’s like Skrillex owe all their success to the rise of electronic dance music and the clubbing extravaganza. So, If you are trying to find a place to go out, the choices can be mind blowing and torturing. This is a list of 4 of the top clubs in the world, with three in the US and one in South Korea.

dance club

Crowd raving at a dance club

The list is based on revenue the club generates, music, DJs’ popularity, uniqueness, following and much more. This is the list of top 4 clubs in the US based on music, design, polarity and following.



Opened in 2012, the club is the place to be for big names in the DJ business like Adam X and DJ resume – it is designed to give you the mood of a classical – tropical fantasy with a large dance space. It has an in-house setting of the famous Bushwick scene. It sets itself apart from the competition with legitimate sound systems and many underground electronic DJs. If you are in the dancing mood and in New York, Bossa Nova Civic Club will feed your appetite for dance. It also has a large stage, so you will often see DJs include full bands in their gig, with actual drum sets up on stage and everything.



HAKKSAN secured its spot at number 7 in 2016’s top 100 clubs in the world. The clubs puts music, gambling and dance right at your mouth. It is the most favored club among the millennials for music. It attracts celebs like EDM glitterati and electronic music cash kings like Tiësto and Calvin Harris. At least once in a month the odds of catching the likes are high Afrojack and Hardwellm is really high. Last year an extravagant party was held at the club to celebrate Afrojack; crowned No.1 best DJ 2015. The club is based in Las Vegas. This is a great place to hear singers, too, for anyone wanting to learn to sing like me.


A roof top club. Looking for adventure and a classic movie scene experience? DRAIS Is the place to be. The clubs sits in the heart of Las Vegas city. The club facilities sit on a 35,00 square area in Sin city’s Conwell Hotel overlooking the famous Las Vega strip. The club lays claim to the title of ‘the only club with a two-level pool deck on its roof top.’ It is an in-house for big names like Dj Savi, Peace and Helena. During the day, bikini-clad women splash the in pool; by night, you have a wide variety of adventure, music, dining, drinks and gambling.



An underground club. The club is famous for hosting one of the big names: Psy – with more than half a billion YouTube views. Octagon is located in what used to be an underground karaoke bar. It is popular for being a rave cave for teenagers. It gives you an experience of music, drink and dance with a warehouse rave- party. It is an in-house for names like AK, Daishi Dance, and top DJ Beejay.


Whatever your favorite DJ clubhouse is, we can agree that the above-mentioned are a cut above the rest. This is not only for the ambience but also for the caliber of the DJs they hire.