Why You Should Learn To DJ On Turntables

Becoming a DJ is a dream of many young entertainers, and it certainly has the potential to be one of the most fun occupations out there. If someone wants to be a real DJ, the most important skill they can learn is how to use turntables. It takes some practice but, once this skill is mastered, anyone can find success as a professional DJ.

The first thing to do when starting with turntables is to learn how to properly set them up. First, the turntables need to be properly connected to the input on the mixer. Then the DJ must choose the record speed, which will be either 33 or 44. If they are unsure what speed to choose, they should look at the record’s label for an indication.

A DJ turntable setup

Old fashioned turntables next to modern laptop setup

The next important step in using turntables is adjusting the pitch and the tempo of the records. Properly adjusting the pitch will allow the DJ to smoothly bled two songs together to create a new sound. It will also help them to seamlessly switch between two songs using their mixer.

The trickiest skill that a DJ needs to learn for success on the turntables is how to press lightly on the record to stop it without stopping the turntable. This allows them to start the record again without having to wait for the turntable to start up. This takes a great deal of practice, but once a DJ has it down, they will be able to mix any song they like successfully.

If someone wants to become a professional DJ, their first priority needs to be learning how they can use turntables. They are perhaps the most important piece of equipment for DJs, so the time and effort it takes to master them are well worth it. With a bit of practice and patience, anyone can start their own successful career as a DJ.

Using a turntable gives you the ability to change the pitch, tone and speed at which a record plays. This then allows you to be very creative. Being creative with these attributes of turntables will separate yourself from other DJ s. Changing these qualities or a record can create a wide variety of beats, sounds and rhythms.

Trying to explain how exactly one uses turntables can be difficult. There is a significant amount of information. If you are new or wanting to know how turntables are used, research and education are two key components that will guarantee you success. Having patience and practice are also contributing factors to the understanding of this skill. Besides all of those requirements the biggest would have to be rhythm.

Rhythm either comes naturally or not. If you don’t have rhythm you will have a very hard time trying to master turntables. The reason you need to have rhythm is because moving a record back and forth, know as scratching, as well as adjusting tempo,pitch,beat and volume all has to be done quickly and seamlessly. This will make you a very successful DJ. However, if you don’t have any rhythm that you know of or have never tried using turntables, give yourself a chance. Knowing how turntables are used is a battle. Trying is half that battle. Remember that every DJ is bad a first. Even if they tell you otherwise. Not giving up and working hard always pays off.